Back in the Right Direction

It’s fair to say that I have struggled a little over the last couple of weeks, 1/2lb off one week, back on the next. This could be for a number of reasons but mainly through bad food choices.

I was a little disappointed but battled on and stayed to group each week which has been really helpful. The group is always full of friendly faces, offering advice and ideas and to help pick you up when you’ve taken a slight detour on your weight loss journey.Read More »

11am Treat

There is nothing better to break up a mornings work than a nice cup of coffee and a treat, Slimming World style obviously.

I personally love all the Slimming World hifi bars and until now I  was torn between the lemon meringue and double chocolate as my favourite …that was until this week and the reappearance of an old flavour …Choc Orange!! Just as good as before (if not better) but now in the form of a light version at only 3 syns per bar!!

The new Slimming World hifi light Choc Orange

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Back On The Bike

It was great this morning to get back out on my bike. For one reason or another I’ve been unable to get out over the last couple of weeks …and I’ve missed it!

Morning Bike Ride
A little montage from my ride including the ride along selfie (haha)

I only got my bike a year ago, before that I think it had been at least 10 years since I had ridden one so I started off a bit rusty but soon grew to love it.Read More »

The Start of My Journey

Seeing that this is my first post I will tell you a little bit about me and why I am on my journey to become a slimmer, healthier version of myself.

I have pretty much always been on the large side, ever since childhood. I was teased and picked on at times during my school life because of my weight which led to a lack in confidence. After leaving school I enrolled into college which as well as studying, involved a lot of socialising with new friends.

Still suffering from a lack in confidence I decided to take my weight issues into my own hands and did something that I am not proud of and until now have never told anybody about. I thought at the time that if I didn’t eat or had no food in my body then I couldn’t put on any more weight so ….with that in mind I would have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then that would be it, my intake for the day. After my evening meal or the odd occasion when I had eaten something during the day I would quietly disappear to the bathroom where I would stick my fingers down my throat and make myself sick. As I said I am not at all proud of this and looking back now it was a silly decision and one that was not good for my health.Read More »